Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Looking for mercenaries

(Zurich, Switzerland, around 1974)

Dr Hans Lenzlinger recruited swedish mercenaries to fight against black liberation movements i the south of Africa. This story got a lot of attention, many didnt want to believe it was true. I photographed autentic letters from people searching the job. I rememeber a shocking one, written in bad english: "I heard that you want people who can kill blacks in Africa. I am very interested in this...".
A few years later Lenzlinger was killed in his office, apparently murdered.

About the photo: As Lenzlinger wawed with the gun a short moment while he was talking, I didnt have the time to put the flash in order and shot against the strong backlight without any fill flash. I took many other photos, among them some with the cheetas he had for pets, but those images had to much camera shake... In the end we choose this one.
Konica Autoreflex T3 with 50 1.8.


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