Monday, January 09, 2006

Flying start

(For Aftonbladet 1975)

There were two Swedish professional soccer players in the team of FC Bayern Munic, defender Bjorn Andersson and mid-fielder/forward Conny Torstensson. This photo shows Bjorns first goal, a flying header, for his new team at the home arena Olympia Stadion. Behind him is Uli Hoeness, cropped away from the photo was Gerd Muller, two super-players in this incredible team. During the two years we lived in Munic they didnt loose a single game when they were the hosting team. On the ground in this steep arena which took about 70,000 people, the noise from the crowd was very loud, an adreline-rising roar followed every move the players made.

About the photo: I had seen some very good shots taken behind the goal with a short tele and decided to try this. These days you tried to capture the decisive moment, now the emphasis is more on capturing the action out on the field with long teles. The camera was a Minolta XE with an 85 1.7 Rokkor lens. I couldnt afford a camera with motordrive, a fast shutter finger had to do. The usual rig for the sports photographers at the time was Nikon F2s with motor drives and 105 or 180 Nikkor lenses. Very popular were the Novoflex 400 mms with their pistol-grip focusing. Since this was in Germany many also used Leicaflex SL Mot cams and occasionally there were some who used Canon F1 (the first model).


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